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He could start on Team USA, probably
Wait, so how does a yo-yo work again.  Oh, now I understand.
Well that shut her up.
Are you watching me Grandpa?  Grandpa!  Look!
This soda tastes like glass...
Thanks, Tommy! You've been a tremendous help, as usual...
Nailed it.
Maybe if I keep chewing it will taste better? Nope.
Little Johnny failed the
Maybe this will make me feel better...
And Timmy wonders why he was always picked last...
No I think I can make it, I just need to go reaaaal slow.
Wait...wait...I've got to time this just right.  Nailed it.
Say one more thing about my dad's shorts.  I dare you.
Madison quickly learned that water was not optional for the slip 'n slide.
Tommy and Billy rebuffed their dad's suggestion to use a tape measure to measure 60'6
Of course he fell, there wasn't a glowing light telling him where to place his left foot.
No, YOU'RE it!
Actual footage from India's 2012 Olympic gymnastic team tryouts.
I take my Angry Birds just as seriously.
I'll show everyone.  I'll show them all.  I'm going to practice until I'm the greate..*thud*
You ever take it off any sweet jumps? You got like three feet of air that time.
He must have seen his black friend go first.
Hopscotch is a game of life or death in India.
They were playing chicken.  They both won.
The best part is when he looks up juuuust to make sure the entrance isn't above him.
Footage from the USA World Cup team's latest practice.
I usually don't do this on a first date.
There was a Kentucky Fried Chicken ad running on the jumbo-tron.
Chances are you were probably never going to get to use them anways.
Ready?  No?  Well, you're going anyway.
Jimmy didn't learn his lesson the first time so Rex had to remind him.
What did this kid think was gonna happen while he was waiting in line?
Jenny wasn't grasping the concept of friction fast enough, so her dad decided to arrange a first-hand demonstration.
Mom, is it recording?  Ok good, now I'm gonna spaz out and smash my face.
This is what you get when you remove slipping and sliding from a slip 'n slide.
Hans had a brief career as a free-climber until one day his climbing partner decided to bring a camera along.
How do you know a ninja has done his job?  You never knew he was there.  Mission accomplished.
Grace:  Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion. 2. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement. 3. A sense of fitness or propriety.  He's got them all.
I'm not moving enough, maybe if I smack my head against this thing.  Nope, that didn't work out how I planned.
What were they thinking planting a tree there?
Half-way down the hill Billy realized his power steering was out.
After years of abuse, the Fischer Price hoop finally has its revenge.
Come on, dad, how hard can it be?  I've seen people do it millions of times - I just put my head down and wait, what, ahhhhH!!
You must be this tall to stand on the bridge.
We all knew that one day the punching bags would have their revenge.
I hope the other elves aren't as inept as this one otherwise no presents this year.
No one wants to live near the Johnsons and their idiot child.
You're not going to make the male cheer squad with moves like that, son.
Wrestling: You're doing it wrong
Just think how much money his parents will save now that they only have to buy dry food for the next 18 years.
I told you I don't want any coconut in the cake!
After what at first appeared to be a Mexican standoff, Billy used his superior intellect to outwit his opponent.
Wanting to buck the stereotype of kangaroos as boxers, Carl decided to display some fancy footwork.
Hey kid you want this empty bag of chips?  Come get it, I promise I won't kick you in the face.  I lied.
I'm just wondering what this kid was packing if they needed to blur out his junk from 20 ft. away.
Apparently someone told him there were donuts below the ice.
Hmmm, maybe if if his brother hadn't smacked him in the face with a broom.
Frankly, I'm shocked his beanie didn't achieve lift off before the end of the deck..
Proudly made in America.
Way to go you stupid girl.  Now the dog is gonna run away.
Sometimes you just have to let evolution thing do its thing, dad.
Really kid? The first law of thermodynamics says that the change in internal energy is equal to the change in heat absorbed or released plus the work done on the system.  Come on.
Apparently women learn to drive at a very young age.
Listen buddy, if you are gonna wear a helmet in the field like a little wiener, you're not allowed to criticize anyone.
I'm not saying girls aren't athletic...I'm letting the GIF say it for me.
So you think you can dance?  This kid begs to differ.
Adam Dunn has taught his son everything he knows.
Ginger kids have enough trouble getting laid.  This kid can go ahead and give up completely.
In Russia, merry-go-round rides you!
Nice toss, mom.  Apparently it's not easy throwing a piece of bread into a river from 6
The routine was okay from a technical perspective, but the dismount?  Nailed it.
Why do i have this stupid leather thing on my hand again?  *thud*
Mexico's space program is off to a rocky start to say the least.
The nigerian equivalent of the truffle shuffle. just happened?
I can't seem to understand why people say white people aren't athletic.
You're not gonna want to be behind this kid in line for the water fountain.
The part of this GIF that you didn't notice?  Kid nailed the trick.
No sis, you got to get really into it like this.
Captain Crunch is gonna have to teach this kid a lesson.
Little Jay grew up to be the starting quarterback for the 2010 Chicago Bears.