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I Wonder If He Realizes What Is Going On
Is This Your Child or A Cat?
This Child Is Done Walking Around The Airport
Well The Dad Loved The Prank
This Kid Can't Even Walk. Must Have Proud Parents.
Your Kids Are Weird
This Kid Can't Handle Being On A Sofa
The Best Ski Trick Out There To Date
Backflip To Face Plant
Why Is He So Scared of A Toy?
That Is Why Curiosity Killed The Cat
Let Go!
Me Playing Golf And/Or Every Time I Putt...
Double Treadmill Fail.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?
Boxing Is Easy.
Good Hustle Out There!
He Did Not Expect That.
What Was The Objective Here?
Looks Like The Dogs Took You For A Run.
It's Not Even Hitting You Guys!
A Classic Nutshot for This Dad
Sometimes You're Just To Tired To Finish Your Spaghetti
His Parent's Would Be So Proud.
A Future Tony Hawk
Is The Dog Teaching You Tricks Again?
His Friends Are Bogus.
That's Not Going To End Well
Apparently Guerilla's Can Even Display Positive Parenting Skills
That Could Not of Gone Worse
The Things Our Pets Do When They Are Tired
Kid Knew Exactly What He Wanted
Running Into Things Never Ends Well
Just Throwing Haymakers and Missing
You Forgot To Strap In
Swing and A Miss.
These Hose's Ain't Loyal
PWNed By A Cat
First Time Playing Soccer, Huh?
He Is Just A Junior Michael Jackson
Funny GIF Compilation
This Kid Fails Trying To Eat An Egg and Potentially Life
A Nail Biter of A Karate Fight
Animals Can Also Be Ashamed Parents
Damn Floaties
They See Me Rollin', They Hatin'
This Little Girl Is Horrified
How To Overcome Adversity
A Backflip Right Towards Failure
Cast Out or Outcast?
This Kids Got The Moves Like Jagger
The Glassberries Taste Like Glassberries
Just A Spoonful of Intelligence
This Kid Really Tries To Eat Food Out of A Magazine
He Put New Meaning To The Phrase Use Your Head
He could start on Team USA, probably
Wait, so how does a yo-yo work again.  Oh, now I understand.
Well that shut her up.
Are you watching me Grandpa?  Grandpa!  Look!
This soda tastes like glass...
Thanks, Tommy! You've been a tremendous help, as usual...
Nailed it.
Maybe if I keep chewing it will taste better? Nope.
Little Johnny failed the
Maybe this will make me feel better...
And Timmy wonders why he was always picked last...
No I think I can make it, I just need to go reaaaal slow.
Wait...wait...I've got to time this just right.  Nailed it.
Say one more thing about my dad's shorts.  I dare you.
Madison quickly learned that water was not optional for the slip 'n slide.
Tommy and Billy rebuffed their dad's suggestion to use a tape measure to measure 60'6
Of course he fell, there wasn't a glowing light telling him where to place his left foot.
No, YOU'RE it!
Actual footage from India's 2012 Olympic gymnastic team tryouts.
I take my Angry Birds just as seriously.
I'll show everyone.  I'll show them all.  I'm going to practice until I'm the greate..*thud*
You ever take it off any sweet jumps? You got like three feet of air that time.
He must have seen his black friend go first.
Hopscotch is a game of life or death in India.
They were playing chicken.  They both won.
The best part is when he looks up juuuust to make sure the entrance isn't above him.
Footage from the USA World Cup team's latest practice.
I usually don't do this on a first date.
There was a Kentucky Fried Chicken ad running on the jumbo-tron.
Chances are you were probably never going to get to use them anways.
Ready?  No?  Well, you're going anyway.
Jimmy didn't learn his lesson the first time so Rex had to remind him.
What did this kid think was gonna happen while he was waiting in line?
Jenny wasn't grasping the concept of friction fast enough, so her dad decided to arrange a first-hand demonstration.
Mom, is it recording?  Ok good, now I'm gonna spaz out and smash my face.
This is what you get when you remove slipping and sliding from a slip 'n slide.
Hans had a brief career as a free-climber until one day his climbing partner decided to bring a camera along.